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Feedback on Migration issues


MexicoReporter, "Pro-immigration protest during President Barack Obama's Mexico Visit", January 2010, 2009 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

Add a personal comment on all the issues that we have been discussing so far in the Migration Project.

What is your point of view on the current situation? Share your opinion with everybody so that we all can see each other's point of view! :)

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26 comentarios:

  1. I think that migration is necessary to stablish relations between different countries, it's important because we can know other cultures and learn about different people.

    Marta T. and Patricia, 4th eso C

  2. I think that migration is good for know new cultures and for the economy

  3. We think migration is important for society to learn new things and enlarge our culture, but for this we have to respect all cultures and adapt to a society.Humanity.

    Laura Gilabert-Nerea Navarro 4rtC

  4. I think that the migration is very important because we can learn differents cultures and meet new people, and it's important for the economy too, and it's important because the people can be less racist.
    Olalla Aranda

  5. I think migration is important, because we can learn other cultures. And it's important to stablish contact with people of different countrys
    Sàlvia Coronado 4rt B

  6. Migration is very important for all because the act of migrate allows us to travel to other countries or locates to work there, live there, or just season-migrate for vacations.

    Eric Cuadrado 4B

  7. I think that migration is very important because we can learn new cultures and learn to accept the people of other countries. So it makes us open mind.

    Ada Vegara Simon 4t.C

  8. Do you mean migration is such a nice thing? is it just like going on holidays abroad to learn a language and make new friends?
    Why is migration such an important issue nowadays? Why are people so concerned? why is the mass media talking about it all the time?
    What can we do to help the immigrants to feel better?
    Have a look at Fermin and Juan's stories again. Is our society fair with them?


  9. migration is knew new cultures, new people. All the people around the world we are differents but similars.
    Albert Sánchez 4t ESO B

  10. I thik that the migration it's so important because we can go an other country if we have a problem like war, for study,... and with this we can learn an other cultures, languages, a different people...
    Now there are a lot migration from poor to rich countries, for example in africa there are a lot of femine and poverty and try to arrive in Spain.

    An other problem is when the immigrant live in the new country, there are people who not accept them, and we should that they were trying to feel like her native country.

    Irene Muñoz, 4rtC

  11. It's true, the migration is importan because we can learn new cultures, but I think that we need a limit. Yes, all the people have the right to emigrate and immigrate, but, the problem is that: In certain countries there're an overcrowding population. An it can't be good.
    Finally I want to say that in majority of the poor countries, there're some rich people that are exploiting all the population of his country. And yes, some multinantionals damage poor nations, and we have to try that this will disappear, I only want to say that developed countries aren't only the nasty people.

    Marta Torelló Navarro, 4th C

  12. I believe that the migration is good on one hand, but for other one not. On the good part because it's helps the people with the economic problems, when know new people, new culture ... but how Marta says with limits.

  13. The commentary of above is my,
    Alba Campillo, 4rtB

  14. I think that the migration is good and important too, but yes is important for economy is more important to meet new people in to different people of you, and it's important to respect his / her culture. But for an other side to another side if immigrants don't respect the culture of the country will be much more difficult integration.
    But just about any immigrant who comes to take advantage, others who seek a better life seems good to me.

    Marta Rodrigo, 4th C

  15. The immigration can not be stopped. Is part of globalization, I think we should adopt as if they were born here. Many of rich countries would caese to function without the labor of the people frok other countries.
    We learn from other cultures and makes us understand that we are all equall.

    Guillem Giménez Casanovas, 4t B

  16. Many thinks that Immigration is bad, they don't see that come from other countries but would do without them? they can pay them little and do jobs that others will not do, not well, but it is part of globalization and we can not change. with the immigrants we can learn a lot, customs, new ways of looking at life and value more the life we live and we do not take both as they would do, but sometimes life is not easy.

    Ariadna Gutiérrez Ponsa 4thA

  17. sorry; 4thB

    Ariadna Gutiérrez Ponsa

  18. Patterns of migration help us to reconnect with the past to better understand the diversity that we see around us today. At the same time, this view gives us an in depth vison of the struggles and hurdles (difficulties) that many people faced and continue to overcome every day. The understanding of other cultures helps us to not only know more about the diversity around us, but to better understand who we are and where we come from.

    Tony "chiquillo" Pastore

  19. I think migration is important in this world because it may help all people who wants a better job and better conditions of life. But we all need to help them to our culture and don't discriminate them!
    Victor Pérez 4B

  20. Migration actually is an act that a lot of people do. We, the rich, the ones from the first world,go out of a country and go to another to earn more money or to live with people that we love,to study a good carrier, improve our professional level.... There isn't a push factor in our countries,fortunetly, we only want a better life,but not because where we live is a poor country or we live bad, it's only because we look for the best,we always want more and more than we have.Human, in the society we are living now, is created for look for the best life we could have,people will hurt others only because it's good for himself. But people from the third world don't understand this acts. In their countries, for exemple the tragedy that happends in Haití last month,people have to leave the country to survive, beacuse they don't have anything to eat and no place to sleep.All the schools or hospitals are destroyed and they can't do anything,they have to start another time their lifes. Another exemple is all the wars that happen in Irak,they have to live very bad only beacuse they are in a country that has a lot of natural resaurces, and rich ones want to have all the oil. This people have to move to another countries, for example Spain.
    People that leave this country for having a better life,but beacuse there are lots of push factors,as I told: wars, poverty...Here,they work on jobs that we don't want to do, for example cleaning houses, but they come to live better and here a lot of immigrants are alone,they have their families in the country where they're from.And a lot of people in the new country discriminate them because of the racism.There are a lot of problems because in the rich countries is coming a lot of people,but they wouldn't come if in their countries they had a good life, so first, I think that we have to help these poor countries to improve and avoid the big difference between both societies.


  21. Stop discrimination!
    I think migration is very important because we knew different things, different cultures, different type of things..
    We need to respect the immigrants.


  22. I think qhe migration is the more important because we are migrate for diferents causes and we are must teach them how to treat and them well reciver is life in our country so they can live together.

    Erik Soriano, 4B

  23. All of us have to know what is happening in the world, all the people that immigrate or emigrate from his/her country searching a better life.
    And the most of us don't value the luck that we have to life in a "rich" country.

    Tània 4B

  24. I think that as many people think migration is good in one way for the country they setteled in, but there are also many problems we can't see and they are active avery day.I mean that some people who migrate is to have a better status of life and they try by them selfs to reach this dream, but anyway there are some people who travel abroad to migrate or only for a trip that when they are in the new town or country they despise our way of life, our rules in the street and they life as bad as when ther were in their countrys, so I think that's the worst part of migration.
    But not everything is wrong for exemple many people when they arrive here try to find a job and they mostly never think about the salary of their new job, so we can thank of this because they work as a waiters,scavengers,housekeeper... and unfortunately some girls who work as a prostitute, but apart from that we can see that if they don't come here to work, native people should work and ocupate their places. So thanks of them some of us have better jobs!


  25. The most part of the immigrants go to other countries to have a better life,we have said it a lot of times. But it's true what Berta says, a lot of immigrants, not all, come here and despise our culture,the way we do the tings,and I think that this is very bad.
    Like I said in the other coment, we have to respect them,but they also have to respect us.
    They can obviously continue with their culture, but there're a lot of things that here are forbiden or not socialy accepted, like burp when yo've just finished your meal, like the muslims do.So this people have to change or don't do this tipe of things in a public place,they can do it in their houses if they want.
    This is a kind of Iguality, we have to respect each other.

  26. I think migration is important, because we can learn other cultures.